SpittinImage Indie

SpittnImage INDIE is a sister production company to Spittnimage, created by the Creative Director/Director Shawnette Heard. This company is geared toward independent storytellers that are looking for a creative home that can handle small budgets with great quality to their visuals. SpittnImage INDIE was launched 2 years ago with heavy hitters from the dance community. Luther Brown, Rhapsody James, and Chonique Sneed to name a few.

These projects created under the SpittnImage Indie umbrella have gone viral with millions of hits. With the support and help from the CEO of SpittnImage Melissa Ciampa, Shawnette is now ready to launch the sister production company officially. We are working closely with creative script writers, directors, choreographers, and artistic directors at the helm of their “out of the box” visuals. If you are looking for a creative, safe place but don’t have the “big budgets”. SpittnImge Indie is your stop. We have a great team that will support you and are down for the creative cause. To contact us, please refer to the contact button on the website’s home page. We look forward to making your creative dreams a reality.



SpittnImage Indie Videos